Facebook, The Healthy Habit

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Facebook has become an addictive habit for many of us.  We constantly update our status to let our “friends” know what we’re doing and where we’re doing it with pictures, check-ins, witty one-liners etc. etc…and many of us know that Facebook-ing as much as we do, probably isn’t a good thing.  Or is it?

Friends, Facebook has gotten healthy!  This morning, Facebook and GE (Worldwide Partner of the 2012 Olympic Games) held hands above their head with a partnership announcement of Healthy Share.  We now have an app designed to give users challenges to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle while letting them publish their results on Facebook to motivate friends and hold themselves accountable.  When you’ve completed a challenge, the app publishes your accolade to your wall, as well as your friends’ news feed.  When your friend clicks on it, they are redirected to the Healthy Share app where they can see which friends are participating, and how well they are going about the challenges.

When GE came up with the idea, they said Facebook was a natural fit because people love to share and gain support.  Not surprisingly, this app idea has already been done with the Nike+ app.  The difference is that Healthy Share lives directly within Facebook, while the Nike+ app publishes to Facebook and receives data from it.  As a runner, I love my Nike+ app.  When I start a run, I publish it to Facebook.  For every like or comment I get on that run, I get cheering crowds and applause in my headset, which helps me stay motivated to keep on truckin’.  But for those who hate to leave the Facebook environment, there are a lot of you out there, you can stay connected while getting fit with Healthy Share.  Maybe this is Facebook’s way of working towards a healthy America because it seems as though Facebook has a solution for everything…


The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

All it took was one song to bring her to her knees.  The unfamiliar melody introduced itself to her beautiful ears marked with the symbol for life.  She knew not of where it came from or what it was telling her.  She stared off into the distance through a shield of falling ice.  She gazed upon an open world, which held up three pillars.  When the hum rolled in she saw a girl, gently and carefully climbing upon the first point.  Flashing.  Light.  Deliverance of a message cryptically encoded in a traveling beam of light.  Stillness and calm, for now, the calamity has gone.

Sigur Ros.  An ethereal sounding band from Iceland.  A friend passed their songs off to me a few months ago.  Upon the first listen, I thought their sound was too heavy for me.  Ominous, powerful and emotionally stripping.  It’s classical.  It’s minimalistic.  After my first journey through their songs, I left the album untouched.  Until now.

I just came across a brilliant project called The Valtari Mystery Film ExperimentSigur Ros, that band I almost feared to hear again, gave a modest budget to filmmakers asking them to create whatever it is they see when they listen to songs from the band’s new album, Valtari.  The result is a compilation of feelings and visions, not even necessarily stories.  “The idea was to bypass the usual artistic approval process,” to encourage creative freedom and look at what minds create without a yay or nay.
Between May 25th and November 19th, we will see new 14 videos PURELY inspired by the melodies of Sigur Ros.

The video I’ve embedded below is, thus far, the most touching for me, and no words I could put together can possibly describe what this did to me.

This is art!  🙂

We’ve got some catching up to do

My two month blogging hiatus has come to an end.  I’ve apathetically dedicated the past couple months to a job I’ve more or less fallen out of love with.  I got caught up in the day-to-day monotonous work work work drone that I forgot to let myself BE inspired by the business savvy and creative masterminds in the digital space.  I woke up this morning having realized I’ve lost two months of being inspired.  So here are just a few works of digital art that have caught my eye today:

Sparkler$ Animated Gifs by Ryan Enn Hughes (amazing talented digital artist)


A Digital Flip Book of 873 images that tells the story of life & love



Jason Silva’s videos on The Human Condition, Beauty and Love

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this movie at my local indie theater! It apparently delivers gritty, heart wrenching drama through outstanding acting. TALENT. I’m all for it.


The two highest honors a filmmaker can receive are the Academy Award and Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or. The Oscar has clout, the Palme d’Or éclat. Both signal peer recognition of jobs superbly done; both can advance the careers of the winners. One might add that both awards, any awards, are irrelevant to the quality of a film or a performance. They are valuable only as promotion for works that the mass of moviegoers would not hear of, let alone be persuaded to see, without these Good Filmmaking seals of approval.

In a way, each movie season’s Oscar buzz (possibly the most repellent phrase in the English language) begins in Cannes, which precedes Academy Award night by about nine months. Last year’s festival hosted the world premiere of the multiple Oscar winner The Artist, as well as the Best Picture nominees Midnight in Paris and The Tree of Life. Thus…

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Instagram + Facebook = InstaFriends


Big news of the day folks…the social network giant, Facebook, has officially acquired the ultra cool, photo editing and social sharing app, Instagram.  Faithful Instagramers are not taking the InstaFriendship news too well.  Last week, Instagram made its appearance in the Android market, infuriating iOS users who viewed that move as a sell-out and a ploy for Instagram to rake in more money.  (For those who aren’t familiar, iOS is the mobile operating system developed and exclusively distributed by Apple Inc.)  Now we realize that Instagram’s plans for growth were MUCH MUCH bigger than presence on the Android market.  Facebook’s acquisition of the hipster-vintage effects app cost the social network (brace yourself) $1 billion.  That is 1,000,000,000.  You are looking at 9 ZEROS in the face.  It is Facebook’s largest acquisition to date, and comes just weeks before its highly-anticipated IPO.

According to a scouring of the Twitterverse, it seems as though many Instagram users are heading for the exits because, let’s face it, Instagram was all about being cool and artsy.  It was a social sharing service clean of hungry marketing vultures looking for their impressions

Instagram was never a threat to Facebook; if anything, the two organically had a symbiotic relationship without being in a Facebook official “Relationship”.  Instagram can make the Facebook Timeline more easily digestible.  I predict that the timeline will soon look more like a digital scrapbook of vintage looking photos.  My Instagram sharing is set to automatically post to Facebook, and judging from the plethora of photos that only look good because they’ve been Instagrammed with the “Burn” filter, I’m guessing most Instagram users have sharing defaults set to automatically post to Facebook as well.

While pessimists see this as the end of Instagram, one must remember what Google did for YouTube.  In October 2006, Google acquired the video sharing website for $1.65 billion, and it’s no secret that YouTube has grown even MORE since that acquisition and will be around to stay for awhile.  So maybe this purchase is the modern YouTube experiment?  Yes, this acquisition is big news.


We all know we could use a little detox time off of Facebook, email, twitter, Pinterest etc…, but how often do we actually disconnect from these social networks?  For some, like my parents, it’s easy.  But I have a hard time doing so.  I often tell people that I AM the social networking generation.  I GREW UP with Facebook.  Technically, I didn’t, although I often feel as though I have because my adult life started at 18, and well, so did my Facebook life.

I think Rachel’s reason for her detox is pure and simple.  It’s not like going on a diet to prove that you can lose that weight.  Her justification: “I don’t want my kids to grow up with the mental image of their mother looking at a glass rectangle instead of looking at them.” If I ever have kids, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind.

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