Internet Exploder uses nostalgia for redemption

Hey, hi, hello!  I’m still around.  I think 2012 was the year that my employer finally started to understand the value of digital; therefore, I spent so much time and energy having to educate people on what they should’ve already known that by the time I could form an actual opinion on things in the digital space, I was just too tired to put my thoughts into words on my poor abandoned blog.  Anyways, a resolution for 2013 is to get back to writing.  And I’ve chosen the perfect topic for my first post in MONTHS.

Every person whose profession is in digital (developers, designers, producers) will understand and most likely share my disdain for Internet Explorer (IE).  It’s slow, it crashes, it’s display capabilities are weak…it’s nickname is Internet EXPLODER. It was one of the first internet browsers that came onto scene in 1995, but Microsoft hasn’t been able to develop it beyond its antiquated state.


Even Internet Explorer has admitted that it sucks:

Two days ago, a new video hit the internet.  It seems as though Internet Exploder is using nostalgia to redeem itself.  The ad takes viewers down memory lane recalling all of the great pop culture obsessions of the 90s: pogs, Tamogotchis, slap bracelets, FLOPPY DISKS, Yo-yo’s, ying-yangs, trolls, lunchables, the original social network (Oregon Trail anyone?).  The ad speaks to the excitement we once felt as “Children of the 90s” then brings it home with “You grew up.  So did we.” insinuating that the new Internet Explorer has finally evolved to something a little more satisfying.

Now I HAVE to check out the new Internet Explorer to see if Microsoft is just bluffing.

Advertisement: Success

It seems as though antiquated brands are turning to nostalgia to boost their brand value.  A brilliant friend of mine and I recently recounted Coca-Cola’s path to redemption after a few bad years of harsh brand and product criticism (Soda’s bad for you, what?  They’re a greedy corporate company, what?)  What did Coca-Cola do?  Rather than try to defend themselves of criticism, they made their brand relevant again by tapping into the nostalgia of the product: the glass Coke bottles, the consumption of this tasty beverage when you went to the movies with your friends etc…. Brands are “bringing it back” with nostalgia.

You see, I told you the theme of this post would be appropriate for my homecoming.  It feels good to be back!


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