Part Surfing Goodness and Part ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM

This video popped up on my radar today as I explored the wonderful visual art of filmmaking produced by Sitka.

Click here to view!

At first, I thought Sitka was a Surfboard company based in Vancouver, but my curiosity led me to discover something much much bigger than that.  Their website and the stories that live within it accompanied by photographs of rainforests that make you look small just looking at them are awe inspiring.  Sitka is a brand of individuals “inspired by the ocean and it’s surrounding environment. Sitka collaborates with artists, surfers, skaters and all those that share the same passions to produce an active lifestyle brand that is true to their roots. The majority of their garments are produced with organic cottons and a selection are produced with bamboo as sustainability and fair-practice are two of the cornerstones of their business beliefs.”

Sitka is one inspiring social enterprise that touches the things I love (social causes, ART, Surfing and business) by injecting importance into the culture of active lifestyles shaped by the environment.  Literally.

Have a fun, healthy and active weekend!


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