I want to shoot…

In film.

Cinque Terre, 35mm

A year ago, I purchased a film SLR just before embarking on a trip around Europe.  Every friend of mine urged me to stay away from film cameras, to go with a digital one as that will get me to learn and master photography faster.  I have to say, purchasing a film SLR was one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made.

I SHOOT in FILM.  I love this medium.  I love this look.  Moments captured with film may not be as crystal clear as those captured with a digital camera.  But I like that–the imperfections.  The film is art.  The film is raw.  There’s a certain freedom yet so much restriction associated with film.  One of my biggest inspirations for shooting in film is They Shoot Film.  These two guys started a photo collective based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Check out their archive, you’ll fully understand what I mean by “art” and “raw”.  There’s no photoshop here.  Just simple talent.  Oh how I wish I had this much talent.

I’m so eager to learn more, particularly about the different kinds of film you can shoot on.  I’m eager to shoot more.  To see more and to capture more.

Somewhere in Italy, 35mm
Florence shop of masks, 35mm
Cinque Terre, 35mm
Barcelona, 35mm

As I’m sitting here writing about my sudden urge to take my Nikon SLR camera out for some shooting, I came across this great giveaway where the winner receives a free ONA Union Street Camera bag.  ONA makes fine camera bags and accessories, and man are these so stylish and functional!  Nowadays, we bring SLR cameras everywhere…brunch, hike in Runyon Canyon, a walk on the street, the flea market…. I took my friends to the LACMA this weekend.  Kat strolled around with the black, clunky stock camera bag.  The aspiring photographer said, “Ya, I hate carrying around this camera because I always look like a tourist!”  Well Kat, enter into this giveaway and you might just get one of these…

To enter, all you need to do is answer one simple question: “Where Would You Like To Go For A Shoot?”  Click here for more details.  Contest ends Thursday, September 22nd.

Locks of Love, 35mm

One thought on “I want to shoot…

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We’re extremely appreciative of your write-up and totally love that we were able to help inspire you to shoot film. We have linked this post in our About page, we hope you don’t mind. Happy shooting!

    -Garrick & Patrice

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